What’s on the Menu?

What’s on the Menu?

Our meals are prepared by our onsite catering team from Holroydhowe.

Phil our chef is experienced and well qualified in providing healthy, well-balanced and delicious meals for our Nursery. The children eat their lunch in the Pre-Prep hall on family style tables with a staff member on each table.

I have worked in school education for the last 15 years and won the Independent School Caterer of the Year during that time. I have been at St Edmund's for 5 years and enjoy developing healthy seasonal menus for the pupils, working hard to adapt to the different needs and tastes of the children



Lunch is served by Shirley who takes care to learn all the children’s names and remembers their likes and dislikes. Phil enjoys talking to the children about healthy eating and supporting our regular cooking activities.



Our mid-morning snack consists of a variety of healthy choices such as different types of bread, crackers and a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. The children regularly prepare their own savoury snack such as creating tasty dips, sandwiches, mini pizzas, sausage rolls, cheese on toast etc They can choose to drink milk and always have water available during the day.

Mid-afternoon the children have another snack of a selection of fruit. Menus are created in consultation with the children, parents and staff and follow a three week rotation.


“At Holroyd Howe our goal is to provide a healthy and delicious selection of meals and snacks for our nursery school children. We cater for all needs and always take on board the children’s favourites and suggestions when planning future menus”


The nursery staff and children love to take part in weekly cooking or food preparation activities. They learn a variety of skills and techniques such as rubbing in and mixing ingredients, chopping, blending, mashing, rolling pastry, etc Some of their favourite things to cook are pizza wheels, bread, cakes, sausage rolls, cheese scones, cheese and ham shape parcels etc Cooking activities allow an opportunity for discussion about different types of food, what they eat at home, where foods come from and how ingredients change when cooled or heated.