Learning & Curriculum

Learning & Curriculum

The learning environment inside and outside is inspiring, creative and fun. The children are provided with opportunities to learn through play and based around topics and current affairs.

During the day children will choose from:

  • role-play,
  • literacy and maths games,
  • construction toys,
  • small world toys,
  • book area,
  • painting,
  • playdough,
  • water and sand play
  • creation station

There will also be periods of teacher directed activities such as introduction discussions, phonic games and maths activities. In the Nursery we tailor their needs and abilities.




What do we learn?

“I love playing on the trikes. I ride on them every day. The best trike is the red one it goes really fast”

“ I can write my name”

“My favourite thing is cooking. We made cakes, scones, and pizzas.”